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Grenada’s Ambassador Francis Welcomes Caribbean Investment Group for Investment Talks in US

By Boniface Ihiasota USA

H.E. Tarlie Francis, the Ambassador of Grenada to the United States, alongside Dr. Wendell Cornwall, the Counselor/Alternative Representative of Grenada, welcomed a delegation from the Caribbean Gateway Investment Group in Washington DC on Monday.

Led by Ambassador Tochil Nwaneri, Mr. Boniface Ihiasota, and Lady Nnenna Joy Ugoji, the delegation engaged in fruitful discussions aimed at fostering collaboration in investment endeavors.

The Caribbean Gateway Investment Group, renowned for its expertise in various fields including Management, Project Financing, Business Consulting, Real Estate Development, Trade & Investment Promotion, Industrial Park Development, Mining/Oil & Gas, Contract & Procurement, expressed enthusiasm about exploring avenues for collaboration.

Speaking, the CEO of Caribbean Gateway Investment Group, Ambassador Nwaneri highlighted the mutual benefits of collaboration, stating, “We are eager to explore opportunities to channel investments into Grenada and support its socio-economic development agenda.”

He added that “This meeting marks a significant step towards enhancing economic ties between Grenada, the Caribbean region, the United States, and Africa.”

The meeting also delved into potential investment facilitation in line with Ambassador Tarlie Francis’s 5-point agenda, focusing on critical areas such as energy and digital infrastructure, youth employment and empowerment schemes, education and skills training, and public health initiatives.

Also, the discussions included the prospect of media partnership through Excel Global Media Group Inc to amplify Grenada’s presence and showcase its activities on a global platform.

Expressing optimism about the media partnership, the Publisher of Excel Magazine International, Mr Boniface Ihiasota said “Through strategic media partnerships, we aim to raise awareness about Grenada’s investment opportunities and promote its unique offerings to a wider audience.”

“We believe that by aligning our efforts with Grenada’s strategic priorities, we can contribute significantly to the country’s progress and prosperity.”

Responding, Ambassador Tarlie Francis assured Grenada’s readiness for the collaboration, stating “We see immense potential in partnering with the Caribbean Gateway Investment Group to drive investment opportunities that align with Grenada’s development goals.”

Tarlie Francis, as the Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of Grenada to the United States of America, embodies a distinguished fusion of financial expertise and faith leadership within the diplomatic sphere.

With a seasoned background spanning both private and public sectors, he has held notable positions at esteemed financial institutions such as the Eastern Caribbean Securities Exchange Ltd. (ECSE) in Saint Kitts, Caribbean Financial Services Corporation Ltd (CFSC) in Barbados, and Republic Finance and Merchant Bank Ltd (FiNCOR) in Trinidad and Tobago. Additionally, his tenure in the Inland Revenue and Budget departments of the Ministry of Finance in Grenada underscores his multifaceted experience.

Ambassador Francis holds an LLB (Hons) law degree and an MSc in Social Sciences, complemented by certifications such as Fellow of the Institute of Canadian Bankers (FICB) and additional courses from institutions including the Eastern Caribbean Securities Regulatory Commission, the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), the IMF Institute, and the University of London.

Proficient in both English and Spanish, he is also a published author, with e-books on stress management and personal finance available on Amazon. His latest publication, “Success Habits,” explores personal development and is now available in print.


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