CGIG is becoming an engine of rapid industrialization that nurture manufacturing industries, to accelerate economic transformation, promote and attract both domestic and foreign investors.

To activate both pre and post investment servicing, it avails serviced industrial land, pre-built sheds equipped with all-encompassing utilities and infrastructural facilities that fit international standards, with no compromise on workers’ security and environmental safety.

Mission: committed to boost industrial parks development through the highest standards of professionalism; to drive industrialization, promote exports, create employment opportunities thereby the development goal will achieve the middle-income status.

Vision: To be an innovative and leading Eco-industrial parks developer and operator in the Caribbean.


  • Highest level of integrity and professionalism;
  • Learning organization;
  • Concern to the environment;
  • Effective and efficiency
  • Customer satisfaction.


  • Develop and administer Industrial Parks, lease developed land and lease and transfer, through sale, constructions thereon;
  • Prepare detailed national Industrial Parks Master plan based on the national special Master plan, and serve as the industrial park land bank in accordance with the agreements concluded with regional governments;
  • In collaboration with the concerned bodies, ensure that necessary infrastructure is accessible to Industrial Park developers;
  • Outsource, though management contracts, when it is deemed necessary, the management of Industrial Parks;
  • Promote extensively the benefits of Industrial Parks and thereby attract investors to the parks;
  • In line with directives and policy guidelines, sell and pledge bonds and negotiate and sign loan agreement with local and international financial sources; and
  • Engage in other related activities necessaries for the attainment of its purposes.

The key strategic directions are small and medium scale industrial development; and large scale industries with special emphasis all geared to poverty alienation & development. The manufacturing industries that have given due attention are  agro- processing industries, textile and clothing, food and beverage industries, tannery and leather goods, pharmaceutical industries, chemicals and chemical products industries, paper and paper products, plastic industries, building materials, glass & glass products, metal & metal engineering etc. to mention a few.

Priority Areas

  • Agro-Processing industries
  • Textile and garment
  • Leather and leather products industries
  • Sugar and related industry
  • Chemical industries
  • Pharmaceutical  industries
  • Metal and engineering industries


  • Industrial park (IP) lease and/or sub-lease approval
  • Transfer of pre-built factory sheds
  • Insurance certificate for leased buildings and/or factories
  • Issuance of IP identity cards and renewals
  • Access pass and renewals
  • Park security service
  • Processing and follow-up maintenance and repair requests
  • Meeting arrangement   with concerned stakeholders
  • Transfer of sub-lease land
  • One-stop-shop services
  • Waste treatment service
  • Fire prevention and protection service
  • After care service
  • Other common facility services


Private Investors are also encouraged to develop their own industrial parks, either independently or through Public-Private Partnerships with CGIG. We are committed to work with private industrial parks developer so as to realize national industrialization agenda of the coming years.