This involves seeing to and controlling the affairs of the various properties in our portfolio on behalf of our various clients.

CGIG’s team has over years of combined development experience. Our expertise in project selection, underwriting, collaborative design and execution management allows us to effectively manage a group of select projects at one time.

CGIG offers turn-key development services including daily management of the following project tasks:


  • Market analysis, acquisition strategy, due diligence facilitation, closing management
  • Property inspection, environmental/soils investigation, hazardous material mitigation
  • Feasibility analysis with highest-and-best-use mix, cost analysis and pro forma
  • Capital stack analysis, sourcing of equity, construction and permanent capital


  • Turn-key development management solutions covering all project management requirements.
  • Public/private entitlements, rezoning, utilities, infrastructure.
  • Consultant selection/management for design, construction, marketing, legal, insurance, sales
  • Management and reporting for budget, schedule, quality, process and turn-over to management


  • Oversee property management operations, staffing, reporting and accounting
  • Govern marketing, lease-up, improvement, exiting and repositioning strategies
  • Project capital requirements, sinking funds, operating pro-formas and cash flow projections
  • Administer sustainable action plan for long-term operational efficiency and market value

Sustainability / Wellness

  • Registration,  facilitation and certification process management
  • Environmental strategy recommendations, cost/benefit analysis, implementation strategy
  • Wellness infrastructure best practices, healthy operation, resident wellness guidelines
  • Occupant wellness baselines, personalized program creation, professional guidance, reporting