Natural resources, including natural gas, copper, and iron ore can be significant generators of economic development when managed well.

Natural resources can help governments increase tax revenues and attract investment, and can bolster employment and infrastructure in remote and low-income areas.

CGIG works to support the sustainable development of oil, gas and mining projects in a way that mitigates risk and promotes long-term benefits for local communities. We work with companies, governments, and local people to maximize benefits and minimize risks throughout project life cycles. We also coordinate closely with the World Bank policy team that works with governments on oil, gas, and mining regulations and revenue use.

In supporting companies, CGIG:

  • Finances projects that contribute to long-term economic growth in developing countries,
  • Carefully evaluates investments to ensure that deals are corruption-free and fair,
  • Helps clients mitigate risks by operating within CGIG’s Environmental and Social Performance Standards, which have been adopted by most of the world’s leading commercial banks as “Equator Principles”,
  • Helps clients develop their overall social and environmental management capacity,
  • Requires the publication of payments clients make to governments—a requirement that is now serving as a model to other multilateral financial institutions, and
  • Broadens the benefits of projects by assisting with community development programs and widening the range of goods and services purchased from local suppliers.

In supporting governments:

  • Advise officials on how to regulate the extraction of natural resources so that they support economic development,
  • Work to increase governments’ ability to effectively develop their natural resources, and
  • Advise on environmental remediation, the extension of gas use, and energy distribution.


CGIG tracks the development results of all our active investments throughout their project lives. This systematic tracking allows us to monitor projects, learn from what does and does not work, and improve our performance. CGIG discloses this information on a corporate basis to respect the sensitive nature of the information provided by specific clients.

Oil and Gas

CGIG provides equity and loan financing to small and mid-size independent operators and larger players in the oil and gas sector. Our goal is to help companies develop sustainable projects in emerging markets in a way that benefits the countries and communities in which they operate.

Our financial products include equity, quasi-equity, loans, capital markets access, and mobilization.


CGIG provides equity and loan financing for mining companies to build projects that benefit owners, investors, and local communities. We offer an integrated approach that combines financing with industry expertise and assistance in maximizing projects’ social benefits while minimizing their environmental impacts. Under our unique Early Equity Program, we support clients’ mining projects at the pre-feasibility stage by becoming a shareholder and long-term partner.

Our financing supports exploration, development, expansion, financial restructuring and rehabilitation. This includes equity, quasi-equity, loans, capital markets access and mobilization.